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Wi-Fi is the latest technology for building internet network and you will get this internet service in many places. Just you need to own a smartphone or tablet PCs, then you do not need anything else. You can easily use internet without any problem. Wi-Fi is a wireless internet service and this service spreads internet for wirelessly without any help. Many people established Wi-Fi internet technology in their home or office for free. You need a router if you want to establish Wi-Fi at your home. Before buying a router, you should read the review of the router, then you can decide to buy any model of router or not.
You need a router for setup internet at home or office. This Wi-Fi internet service lets users to use internet wirelessly. In the same time, multiple users can use internet. So, when you buy a router, then you should think of it. You need to know how many users want to use Wi-Fi internet. Then you can decide the appropriate device and you have to spend such budget. Online market, you will get various types of routers and you need to choose a router which is the best for you.
The configuration of the device is very important but the most important thing is internal settings. If you do not know how to setup everything internally, then no problem. You should read instructions what you will get in the router box. You should read all of the papers a manual of the router for completing the task properly. Many routers users want to skip those instructions which are difficult. But if you read those papers then you will get everything very easy. You do not need to be a master for configuration and setup the device. Just you need to setup internet.
If you do not find appropriate instruction, then you should read manufacturing website which you need to follow. Many users of routers prefer most to visit 3rd part website which is ignorant. From the materials, the users need to collect the default IP address, username and password. Many manufacturers of the routers set those things behind the device. However, you should note those instructions. If your router uses IP address as default, admin for username/password, then you should keep those things. Because, all of those things are important and those things may need to use later or anytime.
Now you have to use a browser for login to the router control center. This browser will act as an application. You type the default IP address on the browser address bar and click on the Go button or press on the Enter button from the keyboard. Now you a form will be appeared if the IP address is ok and there is no problem exists. On that form, you need to type the username and password for login to the router. Now you have to press on the Enter button again. If everything is ok, then you will be logged in the router.
Once you have logged in the router access center, you can setup everything what you need to use. Your first attempt will be setup internet in the router and this is why, you should use the Wizard tool. Many routers come with the wizard tool and you need to use that tool for setup internet fast. This tool saves your time fast and add internet connection quick. You will put everything step by step and later you need to click on the next button. When you will be completed the settings, then you have to save the settings.
In the internal setting, you will get Wi-Fi features and under the wireless security, you will get security option for the Wi-Fi. You have to secure the Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you cannot save it. Your neighbor can use wireless internet for free. You should confirm that you have used all options for securing the Wi-Fi. If you do not know about all of the feature of the Wi-Fi, then you should read the router manual. In the router manual, you will get proper guideline and suggestion for your Wi-Fi security. You need to enable Encrypted security which keeps you Wi-Fi safe. You must choose hard password for Wi-Fi. MAC filtering is a process which you need use for giving permission to use your Wi-Fi network. If you do not give permission, then those devices cannot use your Wi-Fi network.
IP address confliction problem is the only cause which force you to change the default IP address. Otherwise, you do not need to change the default IP address. When you change the default IP address, then you must set another IP address in the place of the IP address. Make sure that the IP address does not run in many devices in the same network. You have use unique IP address in the same network in all of the devices. When you confirm all of the unique IP addresses in the devices, then you will find the devices are safe. If your router is very latest model router, then you will get many latest features which you should enable.
You cannot create any IP address and setup that IP address in the place of the IP address field of the router. You have to use an IP address in the place of the IP address according to the IP address class. When you change the IP address, then you will use an IP address from the same IP address Class. The IP address is taken from the IP address from class C. In this IP address class, you will get IP address range from to You choose any IP address from the IP address range and save the IP address from the IP address range.
The reset button is an important things and you should read the manual to know more information about the reset button. When you press the reset button for certain time, then all of the data will be erased and your manual data will not work. You have to setup internal setting again.
You should not ignore the router manual. You will get the best instruction about your router and guideline for your Wi-Fi. Many routers users do not give attention on the manual and other papers which are very important. After reading all of the papers, the router users can visit other websites or blog to know more necessary information. YouTube.com is the best website where you will best video tutorial for learning about the setting and configuration the device.